Layer 6 to show after 5 buttons showing layers have been visited

Hi there, I have tried two scenarios, but can't get it to work 100%.  First, I tried using States, I created a trigger that said show Layer "All on one slide" when the states of my five buttons were visited.  This would not work for me, but logically  I didn't understand why it wouldn't.

So I have gone to the variables route.  I created a variable on my 5 layers that say set to True when timeline starts and named each variable according to title of layer (on that layer).

On my base, I said Show layer "All on one slide" when the timeline ends if my 5 variables are true.  I don't really like the timeline ends part as I can't gauge how fast people read.  But my issue is, when I preview and I click the five buttons in order it seems to work one time, then I go back and try a different order and it doesn't work.  Is there something that is better guarantee that it will show up after 5 buttons have been visited regardless of the order, and make it smooth...

I have researched about 5 other discussions in here and opened up the files, but not exactly what I was looking for, plus I find mine does work once in a while.

Thanks for your time


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Przemysław Hubisz

Hi Teresa,

So the problem is that the state of the button changes immediately. Therefore as soon as you hit the last button it will omit the layer assigned to it and go straight to all on one screen.

Here I use a trick with animation on the object. You can see the rectangle outside the slide. It is hidden so it will not animate. But as soon as all of your buttons are in a visited state it will be set to Normal state and the animation for this object will start. Here you can decide how long it would take (this will give the user time to read the last info assigned to the button. Once the animation finishes it will open the last layer where you have a summary.

Hope it is clear. An example is in the attachment.



Teresa Vanderpost

Thank you Przemyslaw, this is very helpful, and I will keep this in mind for future usage.  I forget that you can make things happen off screen so that things can occur on screen.  Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.  I just showed this to my colleague and she really liked it.  


Teresa Vanderpost

Russell, your version is really neat to, these are two ways I didn't know were possible.  With yours can you help me to understand how it works?

I attached the image of the trigger you added to help it work.  But I don't think I ever would have come up with it.  The finallayer trigger and the =notassignment, I am not sure I know what it is doing in order for things to happen.  But I like it.  If you have a chance could you explain how it works....