Layer Closes another one, or a layer just disappears

Sep 05, 2022


I have in my base layer three buttons, when clicked each one opens a different layer containing an audio and an image, each of these three layers have a trigger to close themselves when audio stops playing. Everything is working according to expected, but I need a fourth layer to appear when all three buttons are visited. With a trigger, this fourth layer is opened when the states of the buttons are "visited", but my problem arrives when this layer appears, which it does when the third audio is still playing which is ok, but when the audio stops and closes its layer, it also closes the fourth one.

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Walt Hamilton

Seems a little strange to me, because most layers that close other layers do so when they are shown. So if the fourth is showing without closing the third, the third probably won't close the fourth without a specific trigger to do so. On the other hand, does the fourth close the third and the audio keeps playing? There are a lot of other scenarios, but with so many options, you can see why Joe wants to see it.

You can try this:

On layers 1 - 3 put two triggers

Show layer four when the audio completes on this layer if buttons 1,2, and 3 are visited.

Hide this layer when the audio completes on this layer