Layer properties not working

Jul 24, 2018

I'm using a freeform activity and the layers in that activity are not allowing access to their properties panel. I'm not sure if this is related to an updated, or a bug, or both, but it always worked in the past. It's a pretty critical tool. 

Also, I can right-click on a layer and I do see the properties drop down option, but nothing happens when clicked. 


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Mark Digiacomo

Hi Wendy. SL 360, latest updates. The file is too large to share, but the gist is as simple as it sounds. I can select the gear icon for the base layer on a freeform activity (i.e. comes stocked with a correct/incorrect response), but on any layer above that, the icon does nothing. Won't open a setting panel.

My guess is I need to reinstall, but wasn't sure if it's a thing related to the freeform activity.

Rob Skeet

I have been experiencing this for some time.  (about 6 month or so)

I click on the gear properties on the main timeline and the dialogue box appears but when I select a layer and click on the properties gear, there is a quick flash at the bottom of the screen and nothing appears.

I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted, with the latest SL 360 update from Dec 15, 2020 and it still keeps happening.  I keep SL on 2 computers, and this doesn't happen on the second computer.

I just rebuilt my main computer (about the time this started happening) and after the rebuild with the latest windows 10, this started happening.  anyone else have this problem? solution?

I don't normally need to change settings on layers or if i do, I go to the other computer but just finished a project that needed extensive layer customization and couldn't do it on my main system.



Lauren Connelly

Hello Rob!

I'm happy to help! I haven't come across this issue in Storyline 360. Have you tried importing the project into a new project? If so, does the same issue happen?

If we could take a look at the .story file, that would help us get started troubleshooting! You can attach the file to this discussion or upload it privately using this secure upload link. Either way, we'll take a look and hopefully find the fix!

Rob Skeet

Thanks for your reply Lauren, it doesn't appear to be file related, it's something to do with my system.  If I open any file on my other computer I see the layer properties just fine.

but on my main computer, the layer properties won't open.  (I see a quick flash at the bottom of the screen then nothing)  

as mentioned above, uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't seem to help.

is there a way to clean Storyline completely off my system and then start fresh?



here's a peek video of what happens

Jennifer Clarke

Happens to me constantly as well. I have 2 externals and a laptop. I can't get the layer properties to show on any of them. Occasionally there's a flash along the task bar at the bottom of M3 when I right click on the layer and select 'Properties', but no where else and not consistently. It also doesn't matter the resolution settings.

There are also similar issues with the player interface - it shows up as a ghost shape on monitor 2 if SL is on 3. If SL is on M2 the player interface shows up visible on M3. I can make the ghosted one appear using WIN key + arrow, but it is a nuisance.

Given how many folks use multiple monitors, this bug should be a higher priority. Thanks!

Morgan Johnson

I am having an issue where I have layer settings set to hide other layers / hide objects on base layer. These settings work. However, when I uncheck the boxes, they stay hidden. Yesterday I was able to change the setting, duplicate the layer, and the new copy worked. Today that's not working, and I have to rebuild the layer in order to show things on the base layer. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well. Anyone else experience this?

Ken Minnich

Wow... this is still an issue in 2024. 

I click my layer properties button and nothing happens. 

Attention: If you're experiencing this, the solution seems to be unplugging your secondary monitor and potentially restarting Storyline without the secondary monitor attached.

Edit: On the off chance any SL developers are reading this, let me explain what's going on. This over-6-year-old bug relates to the layer properties window for secondary layers, NOT the base layer. While the base layer properties window ALWAYS appears centered in whatever window SL is open in, the secondary layer properties window inexplicably opens on whatever monitor it was left on. So, if people are undocking and redocking at another monitor, the secondary layer properties window may not appear. See my attached screenshots demonstrating this, where I have three displays and open both layer properties windows. 

The solution is simple: just make the secondary layer properties window behave like the main layer properties window! 

Side note to Articulate: if your customers are complaining about the same bug for literally 6 years, it's probably long past time to start exploring the root cause of the problem and patching the software rather than just opening one-off individual support tickets or telling people to repair their install. I've been a loyal customer for over a decade and there are way too many instances like this of bugs going unresolved for years upon years. Listen to your customers!

Ridiculous that, after all these years, this hasn't been patched.