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Jul 25, 2013

Hiya Guys,

I am trying to do the following..

My base slide has 7 pictures on it, these have variables set on them to change from False to True when clicked.

I'd like to set a trigger on a new layer that will allow the user to click and move onto a results screen but only after all 7 pictures on the base slide have been clicked (they lead through to a question).

I did it and managed to have the trigger on the base slide but i can't seem to work out how to do it on the first layer.

Should it work the same?

Thank you in advance


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Michael Hinze

From your description, there may be an easier way to check if all seven images have been clicked and then show the layer. Instead of using a bunch of variables and triggers, you could simply use ONE trigger that shows the layer only when all seven images are in 'visited state'. Have a look at the attached file, which may give you some ideas.

Curtis Kynerd

I am not sure my problem is similar or not.  Here is my situation.  I have 9 modules in my course.  The learner can access them at any time, and in any order.  The original idea was to require the learner to go thru the modules in order from 1 to 9.  Then it was changed to allow them to access them in any order.  The main restricttion was that they cannot access the quiz until they visit all 9 modules.   A second criteria was that they had to view each slide .  This was acheived by creating T/F variables and upon the audio completing on each slide changing the slide variable to true. 

To achieve the requirement that they visit each module before accessing the quiz, I created variables such that on the last slide in each module, once the audio completes, I also change the variable for the modulexcomplete to true.  So here is the list (in order) of the triggers for the last slide in each module.

  1. Set slide5complete to true when the media completes  (This allows the user to click NEXT)
  2. Set module1complete to true when the media completes  (This changes the T/F variable of each module to True)
  3. Jump to Quiz slide when the user clicks the NEXT button  if module1complete is true and module2complete is true........and module9complete is true.  (If all 9 modules have been visited, then I want them to be able to go to the quiz, otherwise, they go to another module)
  4. Jump to slide y when the user clicks the NEXT button if slide xcomplete is true.  (this is basically a default "Next slide")

So what is happening is that if I complete all 9 modules in a random order, I do not ever get the trigger " Jump to Quiz....."  to work.  I wonder if I have too many AND statements in it, or do I have a problem with the order of the triggers as shown above.  I just can't seem to figure out why the #3 trigger show above never seems to work. 

I know that is a lot of explaining.  I hope it is clear enough to understand. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Curtis, the number of and statements should not be the problem.  I agree with Becky that it would be easier to troubleshoot if we could see the story file because you have a lot going on here and it could be that you have just set things up wrong on one of the slides.

But I think it might be this one that is the problem . Jump to slide y when the user clicks the NEXT button if slide xcomplete is true. 

Try changing the condition as follows:

if module2complete is false or module3complete is false or module4 complete is false etc.

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