Layers not revealed

Hi All:

Just wanted to post a discovery I made that might help others:

I was repeatedly having problems with layers (esp. in hotspots) showing up when clicked or triggered but losing my base layer. I reviewed my layer settings and triggers and everything checked out.

Then I realized that I had altered the background of my layers so that they were white and no longer transparent; this blocked my base layer content from being revealed. So if you can't see your base layer, make sure that you go to Design>Background Styles. Then select "no fill". That could help.


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Mandana Movahedi

I appreciate a lot for putting this hint here, Lisa. You saved my file. I used a lot of layers and variables and accidentally put a white fill for all of them and wondering why I can't see the basic layer anymore. I thaught my file is being crashed, but you saved it.
Thank you so much