Layers on Correct Feedback Slides

Feb 22, 2015

I am wondering how you would use the layers option in the feedback master when setting up correct feedback slides.

Here is what I would like to do...

  1. MC question
  2. correct answer - get correct feedback slide #1
  3. wrong answer - try again - correct answer - get correct feedback slide #2
  4. wrong answer - try again - wrong answer - try again - correct answer - get correct feedback slide #3

Can you use layers and triggers for this by setting each different correct feedback as a different layer within the correct feedback slide master?




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Michael Shannon

I was faced with this same challenge. Since I would be using the same feedback masters throughout the course it didn't make sense to add logic to the masters. Instead of creating conditionals in the feedback master I did a cludge hack: if the user answered the question wrong when they clicked the retry button they were taken to a duplicate screen with the same question but a different set of feedback layers (at least the text was different). 

It does present some challenges if you're tracking.

There are probably more ways to handle this but I thought you might benefit from one possible solution.

Tony Jones

I think I've done something similar by creating different States for the text in the Feedback layers (in the Question slide, not the Master slide). That way you can show the relevant one based on whatever your criteria is.

In my case, I had a counter variable which was tracking the number of quiz attempts. I was then using triggers to change the State of the text based on the value of the counter variable.

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