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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Shelley, I took a look at your story file and have not gone through the entire thing but I assume one issue you are having is with the triggers on the slides that have layers. 

The first issue is that you have all of the triggers on the base layer - If you take a look at slide 1.5 for example, you will see that you have 3 triggers on the base layer that say to show layer when the user clicks the next button. Storyline reads the triggers from top to bottom so it is going to read "Show layer "Proven scalability" when the user clicks the next button first.  When the user clicks the next button, Storyline will execute this command and jump to the Proven scalability layer and never read the other triggers.

The second issue is that you are trying to use the Next button to move from layer to layer. The Next button was not really designed to move from layer to layer. It operates at the base layer level and was designed to move from screen to screen so what you are trying to do is sort of a kludge. So even if you move the triggers to your layers - for example, you move "show layer Easy Migration" to the Proven Scalability layer - it still won't work because the Next button is operating at the base level.

So, one way around this would be to create a true/ false variable for each layer. Set the initial value for each variable to false then add a trigger to each layer that sets the variable to true when the timeline starts.  Then you would have to add a condition to each of your show layer triggers to check if the variable is true before jumping to the layer. You would also have to add another trigger to jump to the next slide when all the variables are true. This will allow you to jump from layer to layer and then on the next slide but you will still encounter problems when if the user decides to return to this slide unless you reset all of the variable back to false when the timeline starts.

Now this seems like a heck of a lot of work just to show a line or two of text on each layer so what I would do one of the following instead:

  • Put each line of text on its own slide instead of using layers. Then users could just use the next button to click and read.
  • Put all the text on the base layer (no animation)
  • Keep text on separate layers and use custom buttons to jump from one layer to the next

Also, on your first screen, I would hide the prev and next buttons and add a trigger to the submit button to jump to the next slide when the user clicks the submit button.