Layers vs New Slides

Dec 14, 2017

I'm newer to storyline and I'm wondering if anyone has any general guidelines about the use of layers vs new slides.  When do you use multiple layers with a slide vs just creating all new slides for your content?  Any tips or rules of thumb you follow?


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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Tracy!

Here's a tutorial you might find helpful as both are powerful ways to add interactivity and branched scenarios to your Storyline courses: Working with Slides and Layers

I also recommend taking a look at these related posts submitted by your new community family: Layers vs. Slides and Slide Layers Vs Slides. Some great scenarios for each method there!

I hope this helps as you continue to explore which method(s) work best for your needs!

Christine Hounsham

Hi Tracy

I like to use layers but for me it can depend on a range of things, such as:

  • how much info I need in each branch (i.e. if I want to be able to see each content portion in the story view then seperate slides, also if layers would need their own layers more likely to use slides);
  • if the base layer objects need to be visible then obviously layers;
  • how slide advancement triggers work - i.e. particularly if I want to set a trigger on start of timeline, I will use different slides over layers as every time directed back to base slide, have the chance for tiggers to re-run to check for success on conditions;
  • at other end if I want the base layer timeline to pause and resume when come back to support animation, I would use layers.

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