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Feb 01, 2019

I have a course with 1 scene, 50 slides and multiple slide layers on some. The client wants a customized player with a menu button. They also want the student to only be able to menu/jump to a slide they have fully viewed (end of timeline).  I am trying to figure out the best way to make the menu for the 50 slides.


1. Where should I put this menu?  On a layer for each slide, in a different scene or just it's own slide? 

2. What is the best method to create the "show if" variables?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Valesa, happy to share some ideas with you!

First, tell me more about why you don't want to use the built-in player menu. Especially if you're using the Modern Player, it's got a nice design and it has a restricted navigation feature. This method would save you lots of time, and in turn, save your client money!

If you have to go with a custom menu, I'd recommend placing the menu on a Slide Master layer. You'll also want to add a button to the slide master to open the menu layer.

The "show if" variables are more tricky, since you'll have to create a separate variable for each of the 50 slides. We've got folks in the community who are experts at this kind of customization, so I'm excited to see the tips they'll share with you!

Valesa Clouse

Hello Alyssa,

Thank  you for the response and I am sorry for the delay in responding.

We have a custom LMS that is very picky but and a customer who wants everything to be custom made. They want their own icons for every button. They use a lot of external videos that are restricted by who can play them. They want questions to be available for one time answers and no review or second chance.

All of this must have a custom player to work. Different slides offer different options. You can play it but not pause it, you can go forward but not back....so forth.

To add to this they want the menu to only work after they have completed the slide. So each page must have a trigger and option to show the numbers as they are completed only.

Next level of issue: I am asking because I made a jump page in the current course that does not function correctly in our LMS. My boss hired a professional company to come in to find out why it didn't work. The answer was compile errors and the LMS wasn't allowing some functions.

The jump page takes a help desk person to X slide on click. I made this page in a separate scene. I know the menu is going to be a huge amount of work so I wanted to start with the possible way to accomplish it.

Thanks you all for any help!

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