Lightbox no trigger

I have a project where I am getting slides in a lightbox but I did not have a trigger to do that. I cannot find out how or why the slides appear in this lightbox. It is also only in one group of slides but the rest of the project is fine.

How do I find the source of the lightbox since there is no trigger? Why is Storyline doing this? You have to drag and drop the Money Order object to see the lightbox problem.

Attaching story if that will help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jeffrey,

It looks like somehow a trigger did get set to change slide 1.3 to a lightbox. I clicked on Slide 1.2 in the left pane and looked at the Trigger panel (on the right) and saw that the Slide Trigger said Lightbox 1.3 Money intro when the timeline ends.

I've edited the trigger so it now says Jump to slide 1.3 when the timeline ends. I think it's all set now.