Lightbox Slides always show as locked on a restricted menu, even after visiting.

Apr 09, 2021

Hi there

Just wondered if anyone can offer any advice on this one please?

  • I have 2 Lightbox slides that are accessed from within a parent slide.
  • My player Menu navigation is set up as Restricted
  • All slides show as unlocked once visited, apart from the lightbox slides, which always display as locked (see below)

Lightbox Slides always display as locked on a menu with restricted navigation

Question 1: Is this expected behaviour with a restricted menu and lightbox slides?

Question 2: Is there any way to make the lightbox slides display as unlocked once visited?

Question 3: If 2 above is not possible, is the only alternative to hide the 2 lightbox slides from the menu? (I would prefer all slides to show so this is not an ideal solution)

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sandy!

I'm happy to clarify!

When a slide is lightboxed, it's not technically viewed, so it is expected to have the lock icon. Lightboxing a slide is more of a preview.

There isn't currently a way to change the icon from the lock to the checkmark by lightboxing a slide. If you don't want the locked icon to appear, I'd recommend removing the menu slides.

I'm eager to see what other community members recommend!