Jul 31, 2014


I am trying to recreate the appearance of a lightboxed slide on a slide layer and was wondering if there is a way of editing the lightbox slides? I am trying to see the exact size of slide box it creates so that I can ensure mine is identical.



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Michaella Roess

Hi Joanna,

Can you tell me how I do this please?

The only thing is that I am trying to recreate the look of the lightbox slide on a layer. We have a problem with some of our delegates not clicking on the lightbox slides and progressing through the course without viewing all of the slides. When this reports back to our LMS it registers that all slides have not been viewed and therefore the delegate hasn't completed the course, when they have only missed a few pages of it.

We liked the look of the lightbox slides but thought that it would work better on a layer as then it wouldn't matter if the delegate views the lightbox or not.



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