May 25, 2012


I"m missing the obvious here.  What is a lightbox and where is there a tuturial to show me how to use them?

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Michael Hinze
Martin Larouche

Is there a way to customize the look (size of it and close button) of the built-in lightbox feature? That little red close button doesn't fit the overall look of my project :-)


There is no option to customize the look&feel of the built-in lightbox. The only other option is to add content to a layer and then style the layer so it looks like a lighhtbox.

Sean Jackson

Hi David,

I have 3 layers, showing as you demonstrate them.   I added a state for each one (visited) and then added a trigger that after each layer is visited a continue button comes in, triggered to move to the next slide.  Unfortunately, I can't get that continue button to come in.  The triggers are all correct.  What do you think the issue could be?

Walt Hamilton


This trigger is the problem:


I know it seems like it ought to, but it does not say "When state of ... BECOMES ..." Perhaps if enough of us make feature requests it will become "BECOMES" instead of "IS". IS is not an action, so there is nothing that wakes the system up to say "Execute this trigger". In this case, it probably checks the trigger when the slide opens, and never again, so using "state is" in the WHEN part of a trigger works randomly.

If you want a trigger that is predictable, you need to put the "State is" in the conditions part of the trigger, and attach it to an action that gets the attention of the system, guaranteeing that the trigger is evaluated.

In the sample, I have written the triggers that way, and attached them to the button click that closes the layers.

I think you'll find that this method works reliably.

David Anderson

Hi Sean - Storyline does a lot of things for you in the background. Evaluating objects' states is one of the biggest feature wins for Storyline. You could add variables and conditions on each slide layer, but the most efficient approach is to evaluate states on the base layer.

Please feel free to continue asking questions like this around Storyline's workflow. It sounds like you have course dev experience so the biggest thing is to learn the Storyline workflow for common tasks.

You'll always find Walt to be one of the most helpful people in the community!

Gayla Keesee

Hi, all:

I have TWO inter-related lightbox issues.  I have a graphic on a lightbox that I have added a zoom button to. When I click the picture on my computer, the picture zooms in the front of the lightbox. When my supervisor was reviewing the course, the picture zoomed behind the lightbox and when he clicked to exit the lightbox, the menu on the main slide would not work.

My workaround was to create a slide layer for the zoomed graphic and have a trigger to show layer when clicked. I added an X marker to the graphic and a trigger to hide the layer. It works in preview when the slide is NOT a lightbox. But when I published, the trigger to show layer does not work.



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