Lightboxing Knowledge Check Causing Problems with Navigation

Aug 05, 2021

Hey brilliant people. I'm having a little problem that I know there's an easy fix for but I can't find it/figure it out. I need your help.

I have a slide with 3 minutes of animated training content that I need to "interrupt" every now and then with a quick knowledge check. To do this, I've created several question slides that I lightbox at various cue points. This works just like it should.

Here's the problem. They aren't playing nice with my manual transport control buttons. I'm using jump back 10 seconds and jump forward 10 seconds triggers to give learners an easy way to move forward and back in the slide. Once the timeline has gone past the original cue point that triggers the first lightboxed question slide, any time a learner taps either of my transport control buttons it brings the original lightboxed slide back up, but won't actually take any inputs on the question slide. You just have to X-out of the lightbox, so it's basically getting stuck.

I tried using a variable to tell SL that the lightbox has already been seen so don't show it again, but it doesn't make a difference. Again, I know I'm just missing something silly here. I'm sending some Hattie B's Hot Chicken to whoever can guide me to the promised land! Thanks yall!!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Brian. 

Thank you for reaching out!

If you're comfortable sharing your .story file here, I'm happy to take a look, and I'm sure other members in the community can offer you suggestions as well (especially the ones who like hot chicken 😄!)

If you prefer, you can also share it privately through a support case so we can help you troubleshoot. 

Brian Morris

Hi Maria. Thanks for the super-fast response! Unfortunately, I can't share the story file publicly but I'll send it over in a ticket. Here are some screenshots of the trigger config. You'll see that I've just started adding the knowledge checks and have a bunch still to go but want to be sure I'm doing it the right way before I duplicate a dumb error a million times.


The first attachment shows the triggers in the main slide housing the video. The object triggers are my manual transport control (play/pause/-10/+10), no player or nav otherwise, and the slide triggers are for the knowledge check questions slides I'm trying to lightbox. The last attachment shows the trigger config on an example question slide that is lightboxed by the primary slide housing the video.

Brian Morris

What a fast solution from your team! For the benefit of anyone who may make the same mistake, here's what I was doing wrong: I was on the right path using variables to patch the conflict, but I wasn't adjusting the variable in the right spot. It needed to adjust on arrival at the lightboxed question slide (when timeline starts), not on departure from the "base" slide using an adjust variable trigger tied to the same cue point as the lightbox action. 

Thanks a ton! Yall are the best.