Limit navigation on a Process via triggers or setting conditions?

I have a process with buttons labeled 1-6 with corresponding layers. The triggers are set to show the layer based on the button that is clicked. As it is now, a learner can click to a layer in random rather than clicking them in order? I'd like to be able to force them to click in order. Futher, if once they have clicked a button, it would be nice if they could go back and click a previous button but not be able to skip to a later button? 

I noticed in trigger wizard, there is an option for conditions. would that be the way to limit the navigation of the buttons? If so, it appears to be a text window. What commands do I need to enter to get the result need? 

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Michael Hinze

That can easily be done. Here is an example (not exactly what you're asking about, but the concept is the same) of a 'locked' navigation. In the beginning, only the first button is shown in Normal state, all others are in Disabled state. Clicking the first button, triggers a state change of the second button and so forth.

Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Thanks Michael. I went through the documentation. The problem is when I click on States, Edit States is grayed out as is the initial state pull down. My boss created the page. I just asked where she got the format for the page. I don't see it in the content library in 360. The directions make total sense if it wasn't grayed out!