Limiting entry in text entry fields


I've got a calculator that uses triggers based on variables to calculate a grade level. I'd like to simplify data entry for my user. I'm thinking I'd like to use a drop-down list for the text entry, or limit the format the text entry field will accept.  Currently the user has to enter #-#, but I suspect I'll get different formats. 

Alternatively, I suppose I could write additional conditions using an OR operator, but I had trouble making that work.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to make it easier?

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Jerry Beaucaire

If layers kill your 508 compliance, then you may have to consider all this functionality built into standalone slides with one factor per slide and the clickable choices already on screen for each.

Factor 1 - Click on the Factor1 score (one slide)

Factor 2 - Click on the Factor2 score (one slide)