Limiting Quiz Retry attempts in Storyline- Can't get it to work

Jan 15, 2013

I am trying to limit the amount of times a person can take a quiz in Storyline and I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

  1. I only want the users to retry to quiz if they failed; so I moved the "Retry Quiz" button to the Failure layer on the Results slide.
  2. I created a variable called "attempts" and added a trigger to the "Retry Quiz" button that increases the value of the "attempts" variable when clicked. 
  3. I then set a layer trigger to change the state of the "Retry Quiz" button to disabled at the start of the timeline, if the "attempts" variable reaches 3. 
  4. When I preview, the "Retry Quiz" button doesn't change its state regardless of the value of "attempts"

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

thanks, Cathy

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Catherine!

it took me a few runs through the quiz to figure out what the problem was, I think it was right in front of both of us the whole time.

It looks like the button set to disable was actually the "Review" button, not the "Retry" button. I added an additional trigger to this button as well and it seems to be working after 3 attempts. Just to make it a little bit more noticeable, I changed the disabled state for the button to gray. You don't need to make this change, I just wanted a visual confirmation. 

I'm attaching the modified version so you can take a look, if you'd like


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