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Gustaf Sylvin

Thanx Phil.

Sounds complicated. I am not too familiar with JavaScripts. How can I embed that in the url itself? Or where should the script be executed?

Well in the course I guess I could just jump to a certain page if I had a given variable value from the link itself.

And this does not need to be dynamic in any way. I could hard code it if possible.

Any more clues Phil how to proceed?

Phil Mayor

Hi Gustaf

I don't have an example for this, or I would have posted it.  I am more in the realms of possibility.  This may help you http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/33663.aspx

You would then need to set up your file with triggers on timeline start to jump to a specific slide based on this value.  it would be easier to do this on slide 1 and ensure that the course is not set to resume.  

It is possible, this is one of those things I plan to play with shen I get some free time