Linking Review Comments to Slides

Jul 30, 2019

When someone enters a comment in Articulate Review, is there a way to include a link to the slide that the comment is for, like a tag, that allows other reviewers that receive email notifications to be transferred to the slide directly when they click the link in the email (instead of having to start the course from the feedback page and navigating to the slide)? Or, is there a way to add a tag to a comment to jump to the slide from the feedback page?

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Philip Roy

+1 for that feature.

As a bare minimum, it would be great if the email notification that we receive had the slide number in the email. Here's why....currently this is my process...

  • Receive email
  • Click link
  • Jump to feedback tab to find comment
  • Jump to review tab to see slides
  • Jump to appropriate slide

That could become...

  • Receive email with slide number mentioned
  • Click link
  • Jump to appropriate slide

That at least saves some detective work.


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