Links in web object will not load

Oct 03, 2019

I made updates to an existing file and published it. I did not make any changes to the web object, but now the links in the web object no longer work. When I view it before putting it on the server the links work. When I test it on the computer, the links no longer work. For anyone outside our university, the intended page will not work for anyone without a login, but you should at least get to a login screen. Oddly enough, it does work on a mobile phone, but not an ipad.

Attached is what it should look like after login.

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barbette jensen

Publishing on the web via ftp. This is part of a course that we have been using for more than a year, but when I made the updates to the slide it now won't display when I view in on the web. I have no popup blockers. The page remains the same when clicking the link desired - Advanced Technologies and Aerospace Database. It will open that page if I right click and open in a new window, but of course that's not the desired outcome.

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