Links in web object will not load

I made updates to an existing file and published it. I did not make any changes to the web object, but now the links in the web object no longer work. When I view it before putting it on the server the links work. When I test it on the computer, the links no longer work. For anyone outside our university, the intended page will not work for anyone without a login, but you should at least get to a login screen. Oddly enough, it does work on a mobile phone, but not an ipad.

Attached is what it should look like after login.

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barbette jensen

Publishing on the web via ftp. This is part of a course that we have been using for more than a year, but when I made the updates to the slide it now won't display when I view in on the web. I have no popup blockers. The page remains the same when clicking the link desired - Advanced Technologies and Aerospace Database. It will open that page if I right click and open in a new window, but of course that's not the desired outcome.

barbette jensen

I am believing that is a domain issue. If it is working off campus but not on campus, I am just going to include a note about what to do if it doesn't open for the user. At first thought it was an http vs https issue, but we tested that and the links are all https. 


Thank you for all your help!