LMS Completion triggers not working in Storyline 360

Feb 14, 2020

Hi all. I have a training where all personnel take the basic content and managers take additional content. Completion must be tracked through our LMS. I cannot get any course completion triggers to work in our LMS. I tried a trigger for the start of a timeline on a slide, a trigger for clicking a certain button I created, clicking the player's next button on a slide.... The ONLY thing that seems to work, to show course completion, is the number of slides viewed. This doesn't work for the training, as managers will be viewing more slides before completing. I add the "complete course" trigger to a slide, and while publishing for LMS (SCORM 1.2), I click the tracking property and select "Track using complete course trigger." Am I missing something? I cannot use a quiz to trigger completion - the SME doesn't want a quiz. Ideas??

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Bob O'Donnell

Lauren will most likely help you.

Without seeing your course structure, it sounds like the program may be getting confused. Try using a single course completion slide in its own scene with the course completion trigger set there. You can route the regular users through their slide deck and jump them out to the completion slide at the end or run the managers through their extra set of slides and then jump them out to the same course completion slide. That shared final slide should work for both and send the completion result to the LMS.

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