LMS (like Litmos) CDN recommendation

Hi all, I am developing training content using Articulate for global distribution but we are having significant buffering issues using Litmos which makes the content unusable. We are based in Australia and have been informed that due to our location this is a common issue. I wish our sales consultant had informed us earlier in the process! Our modules will be used in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland. I'm looking for recommendations for either a) a LMS with CDN hosting or b) an LMS that I can host on a cloud service. The LMS must be simple and easy to use with no significant modification and theming. Our deployment must happen at the end of Feb. We like Litmsos as it is very user friendly and is not complicated after all, we are just using it to deliver our modules and assessments. We also need groups or teams as each country/dept will have their own courses. Any help appreciated!

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Alex Arathoon

Thanks for your speedy reply. I'll check the forum thanks Ashley.

Kun, I have used Moodle before when working in higher education. However, for workplace training it's overkill - we need a very simply interface, clutter-free as we are only using it for serving our Articulate modules and assessments. Moodle and many other LMS' require quite a bit of customisation to look the part. We don't have the time or budget for any significant development.