LMS publish -- Articulate doesn't generate new reporting and tracking identifier

Sep 02, 2018

Why does this happen?  We translated a story into another language, so it's a different story, but when we publish for LMS, the identifier (activity id) is the same as for the English story.  Even when I blank out the identifier, switch it to SCORM and publish for SCORM, then switch it back to Tincan and publish for Tincan, it generates the same ID as the English one.  Why is that?  Thanks

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, FBS.  After translating the course, are you using Save As to save a new .story file for that course?

If you make a copy of a course, or are using the same .story file, the LMS identifier will stay the same.  New identifiers are created when you save as a new file or import slides into a new file.  Let me know if saving the translation as a new file works!

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