LMS remembers/shows highest score?

Dec 05, 2023

Hi, I have a knowledge test in our LMS (Canvas).

Students have to score at least 80%.

Are there special settings needed when creating a scorm file to ensure that the highest score is retained/displayed in the LMS when doing the test multiple times?

Now the LMS shows the result of (every) last attempt the student does.

I would think this is 'an LMS' thing, not an Articulate thing?

Kind regards, Nicole

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Kelly Auner

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for reaching out!

The most recent score will be reported when a user has multiple attempts. It may not hurt to check with Canvas on any specific settings you can adjust. Alternatively, other users in the community have used JavaScript to report the highest score. Here are a few discussions that may be helpful:

If you have additional questions, please let us know!