LMS Reporting and Tracking - Please help

Jul 24, 2019

I have tried multiple itterations of Publish settings and am not getting the desired reporting and tracking results in our LMS, can someone please take a look and provide feedback on what I may have wrong? Attached are screen shots of my Results slide and the Reporting and Tracking settings to review.  My desired results and questions are....

> Show user a pass or fail at completion of assessment test - Pass is a score of 80% or greater. QUESTION: can the score % be shown to users, how?

> Send 'completed' status to LMS when pass is acheived. QUESTION: how is the score sent to the LMS, or is only the status sent? If fail is acheived is the status of 'incomplete' sent?

> Allow users to retake quiz, review quiz questions and option to print questions and answers. 

Thank you

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Kelly Schrodi

Hi, yes I do.  Our LMS records the Completion status and score only, My testing with these settings is not setting status to Completed even though results slides shows user has passed.  Also, I need to ensure that the user sees their score on the results slide as well as the score being passed to the LMS. Thank you so much for your time!

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Kelly!

What LMS do you use?

For reference, here's what Storyline sends to the LMS from a quiz:  https://articulate.com/support/article/quiz-data-sent-to-an-lms-in-articulate-storyline

The learner status (completed, passed, incomplete, fail, etc.) is sent outside of the quiz data.

How are viewing what the course is sending?  Learner record?  LMS report?  I ask because sometimes with some LMS's what you want is there but not readily available.

If you turn on course debugging, you can see the status being sent, though, to be honest, interpreting the debugging data is a little arcane, requiring some SCORM knowledge.


If you do a debug session, capture all the data here and I'll look at it for you.

Have you tested it on the SCORM Cloud?


And is your course available for us to see?

Gerry Wasiluk

When you create your quiz results slide. some system variables automatically get created.

I'm using two of them here.

In the list of Built-in variables, you can then see them listed:

You can also add them manually.  Create a text box and insert into the text box from Insert > Reference:


Note:  If you have more than one results slide in your course, you will get multiple sets of these, indicated with a number for each set (e.g., Results1.PassPercent, Results2.PassPercent).  If you look at your triggers on the base layer for showing the Success or Failure layers, you can see which results set to use.

When you add them, the variables are enclosed in % signs.

Also, after adding the variable, add a single percentage sign (%) after.



Kelly Schrodi

Thank you.  I only pulled in that scene so I could share the results slide with you. So let me verify....you added these two text boxes which will now show on the base layer, correct? And this was done since the Variables were not showing properly? And would you expect this 'your score' to now be sent to the LMS? 

Gerry Wasiluk

Answers in order of your questions . . .


I saw the variables in my copy of SL360.

Yes, if I publish the course with the completion determined by the quiz results slide, the score should be passed to the LMS. 

(Note:  if completion is instead by number of slides viewed or by using the course completion trigger in SL360, no score will be sent then.  Completion must by using the quiz results slide for the score to be passed.)

I just tried one of my test courses in the SCORM Cloud as SCORM 1.2 and my perfect score of 100% was reported back to me after completing the course:


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