LMS timeout with Storyline

Jul 13, 2016

Hello, we have a little problem with our LMS (Success Factor). The big company I work for requires a timout 15 minutes on the LMS and Single Sign On (SSO) when there is inactivity. Our SCORM packages open in a new window. Is there a device or javascript script that would detect when there is no communication between the LMS and SCORM package and that could result in such detection to display a message or close the capsule.


Bonjour, nous avons un petit problème avec notre LMS (Success Factor). La grosse entreprise pour laquelle je travaille impose un timout de 15 minutes sur le LMS et le Simple Sign On (SSO) lorsqu'il y a inactivité. Nos paquetages SCORM s'ouvrent dans une nouvelle fenêtre. Est-ce qu'il existe un dispositif ou un script javascript qui permettrait de détecter lorsqu'il n'y a plus de communication entre le paquetage SCORM et le LMS et qui pourrait suite à cette détection faire apparaître un message ou fermer la capsule.

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Crystal Horn

Steve, I had an out-of-the-box idea for you.  If it works with your course design, you could always have a layer on each slide that includes a warning message that the course will close due to inactivity, and you can extend the timeline of your slides to 14 minutes and 50 seconds.  Then, set a trigger to show that warning layer when the timeline reaches the end.  If they don't click, I suppose it would be considered inactive and your LMS will do its job.  Might be worth some testing to make sure the slide layer being triggered doesn't restart the LMS 15 minute countdown.

Glen Murdock

Why is a 15 minute timeout required? Especially with SSO set up, it's not like being booted from a course is anything other than inconvenient as any security concerns are invalidated by SSO and the ease of clicking back into a course - Resume Where You Left Off? Sure!


You may want to talk to your admin team and discuss how changing that system timeout back to the default (30 minutes) would be beneficial for learner outcomes.

Here's how (may require SAP/SF support account to access, but your admin team should have that and will be able to): 


Sameeksha Mishra


I am facing a similar issue. The course is being launched in a separate window. Now if  the learners accidentally close the main LMS window and continue taking the course, when they exit the course, the completion status is not getting updated.

And also I am looking for a solution similar to what has been mentioned by Steve Prud'Homme. I want some way to tell the learners that the LMS has timeout.

Mata Henry

We have just deployed SuccessFactors and are finding the same issue. We've extended the LMS timeout to 1 hour but apparently it gets overwritten by the overarching system timeout of 30mins. 
We don't want to embed the learning item into the SuccessFActors parent page as it renders the mobile responsiveness useless and its inside SuccessFactors old, ugly and clunky frame system. 

We are going to talk to our India based deloitte contact about adding a button to extend this on the learning item and report back here if it does actually work..

Keen to know if anyone has come up with any other solution(s).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mata,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing as well.

You mention an issue with LMS timeout, but that you don't want to embed the learning item into SuccessFactors, so I'm curious where you are hosting the content?

Is this an issue you're able to replicate in SCORM Cloud or is this only happening in SuccessFactors?

Mata Henry

Hi Leslie, we are hosting the content in SuccessFactors - cloud based. The learning object is delivered via a new popup page from the SuccessFactors parent page. 
The timeout message appears only on the parent page and can be missed by the user.