LMS Tracking and Branching

Aug 02, 2012

I have a quiz set up where pending on the selection on the first slide the user will be branched to a group of questions.

There are 6 question groups total, all having 100% passing.  When publishing for SCORM I only get the option to track one of the results slide for each question group.

Is there are way to track the results from the specific question group the learner choose rather than publish to LMS on a one way track?

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I have come up with a solution.

The user is branched to a question bank based on their role selection.  10 questions are asked at random for each role with 100% passing.  When passing the quiz a pass screen/results slide only has options for Review or an option to Continue.  (If fail, you are only given the option to Review or Retry.)

Selecting Continue brings the user to a  completion slide mocked up with a True/False question, false option being ommitted limiting the user to only select one choice.  Selecting the only option triggers 100% passing that will be tracked using SCORM through the LMS.

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