Loading storyline360 project to a webpage

Nov 29, 2017


Can anyone help, my client's LMS has been delayed and they would like to host the elearning project on a web page in the interim period?  I don't how to do this, so any straight forward instructions would be amazing.


Thanks in advance



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Michael Anderson

I'm sure others will have more input on this, but here is a start. Do you have your own web host where you host your web site? If so, you can simply upload the published project there. There are other considerations though, as do you need to restrict access to the course, do you need to track usage and/or scoring for the course? This is just a start. Can you tell us more about how the course will be used at this point?

Michael Anderson

The published content is basically a folder structure of html and other associated files. They will want to unzip the zip file on their end and then place the entire folder in the desired folder on their server. Their Intranet server managers will definitely be able to figure that part out. They will just have to test to make sure their server is serving all of the files properly, as I've read of some configurations blocking fonts files, swf files, etc.

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