Lock Scene Until Specific Period of Time Elapses

Oct 12, 2022


I have a question regarding locking a scene. Is it possible to prevent a learner from accessing a scene until a certain period of time has elapsed? For example, let's say they finish Scene 1. They would not be able to start Scene 2 until a couple of days have elapsed after they completed Scene 1.

Thank you.

2 Replies
Sam Hill

Yes, this would be possible but would require some JavaScript knowhow in order to store a current timestamp against a Storyline variable. That same timestamp could then be checked against the current date/time in order to determine if a button to access the locked scene is enabled or remains disabled.

I'm not sure about controlling the Storyline player table of contents buttons, but controlling an individual button would be easy.

Note: A JavaScript date/time is take from the users computer and could therefore be easily manipulated by changing the date/time on the users computer, and so shouldn't be used for anything that involves any risk.

Brian Dombrowski

Thanks for the response Sam. Yes, I was thinking that Javascript could be used to disable a button to the locked scene until the elapsed time had expired. I am trying to figure out a way to create spaced learning within Storyline. I know there are commercial solutions for this and I am assuming some LMS/LRS systems can push out learning over a period time. Just wanted to see if this was possible with Storyline.