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Oct 02, 2012

I'm going to develop a sales course on overcoming objections. The course is going to be made up of actual sales employees providing their tips in video or audio format. One of my associates has done two course similar to this and he used the FAQ template in Articulate 09. I'm going to use Storyline and I'm looking for some unique ways of using video and audio files. I'm not locked into using the FAQ format so I can be creative and I know this community has great ideas, so I want to brainstorm with the community. I'm looking forward to your ideas!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Marty:

Here's a clean, straightforward approach to overcoming objections training. Might prompt some ideas.


I understand your wanting to be unique, but I'd say however you can get the learners practicing objections is best. E-learning can do this to a degree, but it doesn't do it as well as real role plays would, though e-learning is cheaper and more convenient. Then again, maybe you already do that and e-learning is just a refresher.

Marty King

Thanks Daniel. I couldn't get the video to work. I guess I did a poor job of explaining this course. This course isn't going to be interactive. It's really an assembly of tip videos created by people in the field. It's more informational than educational. I'm looking for ideas on how to creatively present the videos in Storyline.

Bob S


This may be a bit more about content than format, but hopefully you will find it helpful...

The #1 mistake I see in most Overcoming Objections training is that they teach specific verbiage instead of framing up actual strategies and THEN giving examples/application opportunities.

There are a ton of different strategies for overcoming objections. My strong suggestion is that you choose just two methods, explain/demonstrate why they work,  why they are so powerful, and THEN let your learners work with each of them... including when to choose each one.

Remember... teach a man to fish, don't give him the fish.

Hope this helps,


David Baker


Here is a Screener from David Anderson (from Articulate) that might give you some ideas. That is, if I am understanding what you are asking. 


Or maybe this technique...and you can tell the users to click on each person to see what they have to say. 


Good Luck, 


Marty King

Thanks David! The soundboard idea is exactly what I'm doing. It is a best practice couse on handling objections and the videos will be created by selected people in the field. The soundboard idea is good. Some of the best practices will be audio format. This should be easy to do in Storyline with layers.

Keep the ideas coming please!

David Baker


Another thought I had was how about a Magazine layout. I like the filled image with a person and a quote next to it.

Again, I recalled Tom did something like this a while back: 


Or how about a notebook with a hand drawn font and hand drawn images if you can find them. They could be notes from a previous sales training or conference....or an expert in the field. The user could review the person's notes. 

Marty King

More good ideas David. I could use the magazine image as the link to the video. I also thought about having the SME give the tip as an audio file and plugging it into an xtranormal cartoon video using the SMEs voice. This way I can control the video quality while using their voice and cartoon avatar. I've used xtranormal in several courses before. It does a great job of sinking the charaters mouth to the actual voice recording.

Bruce Graham


Left field here...bear with it

Have a look at http://pperf.co.uk/StoryLion/E4/story.html, keep watching to the "Arlyn Asch Show" if you can... 

Why not have a big TV, and a big remote control that they can play with?

Perhaps images of a TV Guide that link to videos?

I can let you have the source for this if you are interested.


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