Looking for help with slide order / numbers / and destinations

Apr 28, 2017

I just bought Storyline 3 and imported an old project from Storyline 2. I'm running into some trouble with slides appearing out of order.

In the attachment below, storyline-3-menu-vs-sidebar, you'll see that I set up the menu to have the slides in the order I want. However, this order is not reflected in the sidebar (left hand of the pic).

In the second attachment, sidebar preview-ok, you'll see that when I preview the course, the sidebar actually does reflect the menu, as I want it to.

In the third and fourth pics, you'll see that when I click continue from slide 3, it brings us to slide 6. It should take us to slide 4.

Now this jump from slide 3 to slide 6 is the big problem I want to fix, but I imagine this could be all related. In addition, having the slides correct in the menu but incorrect in the sidebar (as in the menu vs sidebar pic) is kind of driving me crazy even though the sidebar does display the correct menu order when I preview.

So what am I doing wrong and how do I get my slide order to sync up everywhere?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jim!  Thanks for the screenshots.  That was super helpful.

It looks like the Correct feedback layer on Slide 3 is not branching properly to Slide 4.

Can you check the Correct layer on that slide?  I'd want to know where it is taking the user when they click the Continue button.  It might be branching in the order you originally created the slides.

If it just says "next slide," change the trigger to point directly to the appropriate slide.

If I'm off the mark, can you share your .story file here for me to have a look?  Thanks!

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