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Dec 21, 2012


My company just introduced new values, which they are calling pillars. I thought I would put together something to explain them to myself.  Since it wouldn't be a "sanctioned" course, and is really just an opportunity for me to learn Storyline and to make sure I understand the pillars, I thought I would have fun with it. 

I am looking for a theme or just fun, creative ideas for teaching about these five pillars (mission, growth, people, finance, quality).

I just seem to get stuck on the visual of a coulmn and I'm getting nothing.  I'd appreciate any ideas from this creative group.  I'm really looking forward to finally getting to sit down and use Storyline as it was meant to be used.

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Simon Perkins

Hi Alex

I'd probably do this to begin with:

  1. Start by looking at some images/photos of pillars 
  2. Settle on a finished design, e.g. something like this (but with 5 pillars) and create it
  3. Make a version of the finished design but only use the outline, e.g. so it looks like a blueprint
  4. Have this as the main menu page with each pillar linking to the relevant chapter
  5. Each pillar could have states that depict it becoming more and more complete (based on learner completing objectives in the relevant chapter) - so if the learner goes back to the main menu they have a visual reference re how they're progressing

As for building the main content, well, that's a bigger conversation altogether ... depends on your content, learning outcomes, etc

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