Looking to Create a self-assessment tool with Weighted Questions that Generate Different Endings

Mar 29, 2022

Hello. I'm hoping to create a self-assessment tool where learners are able to answer a series of questions (true and false and multiple choice (radio button) and rating questions (1-5)). After completing the questions and dependent on how they answered the questions they are then directed to a different end page that reflects their responses.

I'm envisioning a solution that uses variables. In that if a question is answered a certain way, value is added to a variable. At the end, depending on the variable with the most value, the learner is brought into a different end page.

as an example let's say it's a series of 4 questions:

1 do you like cats or dogs? - if they select cats this adds value to CatEnding variable. If they select dogs this adds value to the DogEnding variable

2. how reliant are you on your pet for exercise? rating question 1 2 3 4 5. This will add a value of 1 - 5 to Dog Ending

3. I want a pet that is independent. True or False (true adds value to CatEnding variable False adds value to DogEnding

4. How would you describe your living space?

tight and snugly  = CatEnding

big and spacious  = DogEnding

it's a shared space = CatEnding

pet friendly = DogEnding

at the end of the questions there is a submit button that directs the learner to the cat ending or dog ending depending on which variable has the highest value.

Although I haven't started the build yet, I was hoping for some feedback in regards to my logic.

I wonder if there are some templates available that I can use to build from? I'm not too concerned about the aesthetics, but I'm intimidated by the build itself. 


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Walt Hamilton

You have described it perfectly; now just follow what you have laid out here, and build it.

You can't use any of the built-in quiz options, so you will have to build each question yourself to get answers that are usable.

You might want to put each question on its own slide. Then when they click on the "Continue" or "Next Question" button, add the appropriate number to the corresponding variable. AFTER you do that calculation, jump tot he next slide. On the last slide, jump to cat ending if cat variable > dog variable, and jump to Dog ending if dog variable > cat variable.