loop animations in IE11

Hi folks. 

I have a short animation that loops perfectly in most browsers just by using:

Play Media <Filename> When Media <Filename> Completes

However, in IE11 it simply plays once then stops.

I know in the past I have tried:

Hide This Layer (containing media file) When Timeline Ends

Show Layer (containing media file) When Timeline Ends

or variations of timers/triggers that should command the animation to loop but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have any ideas why it doesn't work or solutions on how they have looped animations in IE11?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Diarmaid.  We have an issue with the Flash output of Storyline 360 not looping videos.  I recreated this behavior in both Chrome and IE.  You can test my HTML5 output here (working) and my Flash output here (not working).

  • Can you confirm what version of Storyline you’re using?  Go to Help > About Storyline.  
  • If you're using Storyline 3 or 360, can you view the HTML5 output in IE and let me know if it loops there?  If so, you can publish with HTML5 first / Flash fallback as an alternative.

Let me know what you think!

Diarmaid Collins

Hi Crystal. Thanks for the response. My version of Storyline is v3.15.15581.0 (recent upgrade after being forced back to v3.9.13567.0 way back in November due to catastrophic animation glitch in a Storyline update).

The looped animation works in every browser I have tested, Chrome, Safari, Edge, but it doesn't work in IE11.

My client has asked for modules to be published  Flash/HTML5 as we have encountered other glitches with slide rendering (artefacts, stuttering, content missing) if we do it HTML5/Flash, for some, as-yet-unexplained reason.

I can see from your examples that yes, HTML5 is working and Flash isn't.

When I test my files locally (Windows 10 via Parallels) in IE11, HTML5 displays and loops video content perfectly – Flash doesn't even display, so I kind of rely on the client's sandbox testing environment to view issues. 

It's not a mind-blowing issue (god knows that Storyline is plagued with '"seriously-WTF??" glitches) but I was hoping that someone knew of a sure-fire methodology of forcing media clips (video/audio) to loop successfully in IE11.

Fortunately the media clip is looping in every other browser I have tested on, so hopefully the client can live with this glitch.

Thanks for your response Crystal.