Low volume on Storyline audio

Oct 07, 2013

I know the issue of low audio volume has been discussed in the past, but without any clear resolution. 

I've used Storyline to publish a dozen tutorials that I've posted on an internal company website. The volume is great on most computers, but some users report that the volume is extremely low. I've asked those users to doublecheck their audio settings, system sound, and multimedia settings, but the problem continues.

I recorded the audio using Mixcraft 4 and generated the audio as .WAV files. I imported those files into my tutorial in Storyline and published.

Any thoughts on the issue? Is there anything that I can do to ensure that the sound is great for ALL users? Increasing the volume level at each Storyline slide doesn't fix this issue.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Theresa and welcome to Heroes!

Identifying audio issues between multiple computers is a difficulty task, as there are differences in sound cards among different computers (Macs tend to have better/louder audio capabilities), but it's usually not as extreme as you are describing. I'm not sure if there is a way to solve it with the current project, since you're  not able to replicate the issue, but in the future you may want to follow the best practices outlined here on recording audio. 

Theresa Gray

After some digging, I think the issue may be tied to ActiveX control settings in Internet Explorer. The audience for my tutorials work in a variety of healthcare settings and their IT departments place fairly high security on the IE Internet Options. Due to IE Internet Option settings, ActiveX controls may be disabled and the user isn't even prompted to run ActiveX when they launch the tutorial.


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