Mac M1/M2 Storyline Performance: Feedback

Sep 22, 2023


I thought it may be useful to bring my old thread back to life regarding the performance of Storyline on M1/2 processors (MacBook). 

To start on a positive - Storyline is useable on the MacBook now. For those who use storyline on the new generation MacBooks, you'll know the trigger wizard was so slow! Thankfully this has been fixed. 

I have found when previewing within Storyline, the course can be very laggy. A workaround I have found, involves changing the screen size to the top right of the preview function, to mobile. I imagine that the lower resolution relieves border from the software. Smaller files are not too bad, but regardless I experience lag that I shouldn't.

Certain slides utilising states and layers also seem to lag a fair bit when trying to edit the canvas and move things around. I'm not sure if this particular issue is specific to Macs, as I do sometimes get this when working through Windows in my workplace. 

I would love to know what the roadmap ahead looks like for Storyline, and whether performance is going to be improved. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be lighting fast, like it's big brother, powerpoint. 

Please share your thoughts below if you have any similar issues or workarounds that fellow Mac users can benefit from. 

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