Mac / Parallels - can I use my Apogee MiC

I am planning to move to Mac shortly. Just one of the advantages of the Mac is that I can use my lovely Apogee MiC and JAM again!

You can't use the MiC in Windows unless you use a very high-tech sound recording software package; I'm sure you can't use it in Audacity; you can't record directly into Storyline with it. The only reason I got a Windows machine was to use Storyline - and I've had enough!

So, running Storyline using Parallels/Windows, I figure that the Mac OS will accept the MiC input and possibly allow me to record into Storyline withhin the virtual machine. Does anybody know?


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Steve Flowers

Hey John - 

No can do, I suspect. I just tried through VMWare to use my MiC. It went through the motions for installation and shows up in the list of available devices but the microphone isn't activating (light stays blue) and the wizard for microphone setup indicates the mic is not responding.