Make Layer on Master appear when entering a slide

As part of my "Knowledge Check" slides (non-graded quizzes) I have a "HELP" button that I want to take students to the slide that has the answers (so they can review the material).



When they click on the Help button and arrive on the destination slide, I want to place a "RETURN" button on top of the slide's regular NEXT and BACK buttons so when they press the "RETURN" button it takes them back to the quiz slide.



I've set up a "ReturnButton" variable (default = 0) that is turned to 1 when the Help button is pressed



I've set up a trigger on the master layer (I tried it both on the Return Button layer and the Base layer) to Show the layer if ReturnVariable is changed and if condition =1 but the layer just isn't appearing.



I've placed a text box on the destination slide (containing %ReturnButton%) to help me know the value of the variable at each stage and it shows as zero (0) when I first visit the slide and then shows as one (1) when the Help button takes me back there, so the variable is changing but the trigger to make the layer visible isn't.


Any suggestions?


 Many thanks in advance,



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Michael Bauer

I am a little confused, but perhaps you could have this slide as a lightbox?

Action: Lightbox
Slide: Whatever slide this is

Then have a Close button to close the lightbox, and it will then just show the screen the learner was on previously. Saves getting stuck in to variables and getting all confused.

Perhaps this will work for you?

Brett Conlon

Thanks Michael. That's quite a nice idea. I'm new to Storyline (I usually develop in Captivate) so I was unfamiliar with that feature.

In the interest of learning where I may have gone wrong, I'd still like to know how to get my first idea working (if it's even a possible solution).