Making Fun E-Learning with Storyline 2 Motion Paths

Feb 03, 2015

I have to admit that Storyline 2 is full of awesomeness.  Perhaps my favorite feature is the use of motion paths.  In this thread I want to share how I quickly developed (4 hours) an american football game simulation as my submission for the current ELearning Heroes Challenge: Champion Tips for Designing Football Training .

Football Billy

Every game needs a story, a conflict, something to conquer or resolve.  This game is about Football Billy a kid that loves football but, can't play because there are some football bullies chasing him.   The game invites the user to pass Billy the football and answer a question about the sport correctly or otherwise the bad guys tackle Billy.

Bad Guy    Football Billy

The Game

We start the game with two bad guys chasing Football Billy.  He spots you and asks you to help him out by answering the questions correctly.  Then, he runs out to the field and the game prompts you to click on the ball to pass it to him.  The ball goes in mid air and a question pops up, if you answer correctly Billy scores a touchdown.  If you don't, Billy gets pummeled by a bad guy.

 You can view a sample of the game at

Stadium Explained

I have attached the story file and a copy of the ppt graphs as well.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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