Making images disappear in slide layers

I have different images on my slide. I created layers for each image and instruct the learners to click on an images to read their story. How do I get the other images to disappear when the learner clicks on an image.

I am new to articulate, but have extensive powerpoint experience and I have been developing all my learning material in powerpoint then using presenter 360 to publish my powerpoint to articulate lms.

Thanks in advance

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Jerry Beaucaire

Trying to understand the experience you're trying to create.

Assuming you have 6 images on the base layer and the layers above contain the content that "runs" when each image is selected:

  1. On each layer, in the layer options click on the HIDE OBJECTS on the base layer
  2. On each layer, add a copy of the associated image in a specific spot, the same spot on all layers.   Also add your other content and audio.   Be sure there is an obvious button to "CLOSE" this popup and return to the base layer.

    On the base layer I would recommend you not make the images vanish, just grey themselves out to indicate they have been visited.
  3. Click an image to select it, then click on EDIT STATES.
  4. Add a state called Visited.   SL will create a duplicate of the Normal state so for now Visited looks the same as Normal.
  5. While the Visited state is selected, recolor the image to grey scale, then DONE EDITING STATES
  6. Repeat the process above with the other 6 images.
  7. Now add a trigger to each image so that the state of the image is changed to Visited when the user clicks the image.

That should do it.

You can then have another reward or NEXT button that only appears when the STATE of all 6 images is VISITED.

Jerry Beaucaire

Change the original trigger that shows the layer.   Add a "condition" to only show the layer if the image clicked is currently in the NORMAL state.

Show Layer1 When user clicks Image1 if the state of Image1 equals Normal

After that trigger comes the one that changes the state of Image1 to Visited, that way if they ever click that same image again, the first trigger won't happen again.