Making & Scoring custom "weird" interactions (ie multi questions)

Oct 05, 2012

Happy Friday! So if you're like me and want to build "weird" things like multiple questions on a slide or other interactions, and then maybe score those interactions and send the data to your LMS, I built a few examples of how to do that.


- Score anything a trigger can do. This frees you from having to use just the included question types. For example, say you want to give the user a point for taking no action. Or, they need to click the right buttons in the right sequence to get a single question right, beyond "just" a normal hotspot. (Or you need two correct hotspots)

- Put multiple questions on the same slide. This might be more convenient or easy than having several question slides for your project.

The basic procedure is this:

1. Build your interaction using...whatever you'd like. Triggers, layers, go to town and don't worry about using a "real" question slide. I've included examples! Key bit is to put the result in a text variable.

2. After your slide, create a Fill In The Blank slide. Set to use the same text variable as the previous slide.

3. Set it so that the possible correct answers includes the "right" text from step 1. example: when your user does what you want them to, the variable gets set to "yes". So now, you'd set the right answer to "yes" as well.

3. Create triggers to "submit answer" and "go to next slide" when the timeline starts.

That's basically it! Once the user completes your initial action, the show then moves lightning-quick through the Fill In The Blank slide(s), and your user is none the wiser to the trickery.

I've got three examples here:

Fabulously Enthralling Game - this one doesn't try to submit data to the quiz/LMS, but is just a fun game based around using mouseover functions and layers that reset themselves to make a mouse maze with moving hazards.

Multiple Interaction Submission Test - This example puts two multiple-choice questions on one slide.

Duck Hunt Variable Submission Test - another game! This poor man's take on a Nintendo classic will score you and submit your marksmanship skills as if they were quiz questions.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephanie!

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that Brett would still be subscribed to that thread. You are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' option if you'd like, but it may be best to take a look at the files shared. I'm re-attaching in case you had any difficulty accessing as that sometimes happens with the older attachments.

Otherwise, if you could share what you are wanting to accomplish and perhaps your .story file - I'm sure someone could assist you. 

Wendy Watson


I know this is an old thread, but my question seems related. Here is my dilemma. I need to create a quiz question that has up to 9 options with three of those options potential correct responses. Learners only need to choose one of the three correct responses to get the question correct.

I have built this using a hotspot, but currently I'm not able to get any of the hotspot interactions in quizzes to send results of a pass or fail to our LMS and it isn't great for accessibility either. I've tested multiple samples - other types of questions work fine to communicate to the LMS but of course they don't provide the three possible correct answers with only one required to pass the quiz option, but the SCORM that has hotspots never seems to register as a pass or fail in our LMS). So this has lead me to think I need to create a custom interaction/quiz question to do this.  What would be the best way to do this?


judy Rubin

Hi Wendy,

This was a couple of years ago so I forgot my exact code but basically my
workaround with this was to script my own scoring system in js. I created a
variable that stored the answer for each question I set up and then used
if/then statements and loops. I then incorporated the js script into the
file folder. If you are using an LMS you can create a variable for the
final score and pass that into the LMS. was a bit of a pain to test and
debug but worked overall.

Best of luck!