Matching Drop-Down Question: Make one Match work for several choices?

I am trying to make a quiz slide where users have to match seven anatomical charcteristics with just two animals. So I just created several matches with the same name - silly me ;) - of course storyline distinguishes between the matches even if they have the same name, and the users would have to guess which of the 4 occurences of animal 1 corresponds to a choice...

Is it possible to have one match work with several choices? Is there a workaround to get what I want?


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Jopney Test Sotomayor

Hi Frank,

This is currently not possible on a basic 'Matching Drop-down' graded question because each choice in a matching drop-down menu must have a corresponding answer. The correct answer is determined during setup so if you enter duplicate names it will be difficult/impossible for users to accurately get correct answers according to how you match the question to an answer.

You might want to explore this customized drop-down quiz menu using free-form quiz that is shared by one of our heroes. This may require some work but might be worth a try. Good luck!