Matching Drop Down Quiz with only 2 answers

May 09, 2023

Hi all, 
I am trying to build a matching drop down quiz where items can have the same answer. For example there are 8 statements in the left column (to match) and I want the learner to to select Renewable or Nonrenewable. Preferably they would only see each matching option once, but could select it multiple times. Is there a way to do this? 

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John Morgan

Hi e-LearningID,

Great question! I understand that you'd like to create a question with one of two answers for eight statements. I'd be happy to work with you to figure that out!

After trying to build the question based on your description, a figured out that a matching drop-down question wouldn't be the best way to get this done. I was able to build the question using a freeform matching drag-and-drop question. I attached a Story file that I downloaded from a template and modified it to fix your eight-statement format.

With this question design, the statements are in the left column, the drop targets are in the right column, and the answers will appear in the rectangle above.

I hope this helps you out!