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Crystal Horn

Hi John!  We don't put any limits on what you can do in Storyline (besides the file formats that we support).

Do you have a large video that you're trying to insert into a file?  Usually, your computer's processing power is a crucial element when working with media.  If it's cumbersome to add a large video directly to Storyline, you could host the video externally (e.g. on Vimeo) and embed it into your Storyline course.

Feel free to attach your video file for me to test!

Jami Francescon

New to Storyline - I usually export my produced videos out of Adobe Premiere at Vimeo settings 1280 x 720. These have proven to be optimal data size and data rate for web. Our story size set up in Storyline is 720x405 (16:9). I scale the video size down once imported into Storyline. I'm under the impression that choosing no compression will preserve the quality of the 1280 x 720. The videos seem to be loosing quality upon publish even though I've chosen no compression. 

Is the mismatch in size the problem. I would expect that if I were going in the opposite direction, but I'm putting a higher res video into a lower res storyline project.