Import Video File Size Limit?

Hi all- I'm working on a project in StoryLine that is set at full resolution for 1080P.  I was able to import two smaller mp4's that were around 200MB each, but now I"m trying to import at 14 min video that is about 2gb. When I try to insert it on the slide, I get a file type error. Is this due to the size? I haven't had trouble with any otehr mp4's. What is the maximum file size for importing an mp4?



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Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Anthony! 

Apologies, but I'm having trouble finding a case related to this, so I think there was an issue when submitting. If you have a case number, could you share it with me privately here, and I'll do a little more digging!

No case number? No problem! Feel free to resubmit the .mov file using the same link! Either way, someone will reach out shortly after!