Import Video File Size Limit?

Jul 02, 2012

Hi all- I'm working on a project in StoryLine that is set at full resolution for 1080P.  I was able to import two smaller mp4's that were around 200MB each, but now I"m trying to import at 14 min video that is about 2gb. When I try to insert it on the slide, I get a file type error. Is this due to the size? I haven't had trouble with any otehr mp4's. What is the maximum file size for importing an mp4?



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Kevin!

Sorry you hit that error, and thank you for sharing your .MP4 with our Support team for review. Lo and behold, Lianne found a fix!

For those following along: It looks like something happened during the file's encoding process, so here's the approach we took. Simply re-encode the file using Handbrake, a free video converting tool we like to use:, and you'll be good to go!

Greg Linhares

Hello and thank you for the response Crystal. Our videos are 100% internal and cannot be shared. That said, I have tested a variety of file sizes and discovered that only RISE 360 can support larger video files. Both Review 360 and SL360 appear to have file size limitations and I'd really like to know what those numbers are and why. Thanks.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

We don't put any limits on what you can do in Storyline (besides the file formats that we support).

Do you have a large video that you're trying to insert into a file? Usually, your computer's processing power is a crucial element when working with media. If it's cumbersome to add a large video directly to Storyline, you could host the video externally (e.g. on Vimeo) and embed it into your Storyline course.

If you have a file that's giving you trouble, our Support Team is always happy to take a look too! 

Liz Bastian

This thread was started 7 years ago and people are still having the same issue. What's the deal? I'm running into the problem as well. I have a MP4 file that is 734MB and getting and error the others have received. I have uploaded bigger MP4 files previously without issue. What's the fix? Is it something to do with the rendering? I exported my video from Premiere Pro and used Adobe Media Encoder to render to MP4 format. Used this process before with no issue importing into storyline. Now I'm getting an error. Has this been looked into? Is there an answer?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Liz!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'm happy to help. This scenario seems very specific if you haven't had issues importing videos in the past. 

The best place to start troubleshooting is in a case with our Support Engineers! They'll offer 1:1 help and provide steps so you can avoid this error message in the future! Please use this link to share your file with them.

Ken Showler

Just adding that I encountered this today as well.  2.3GB file.  Reduced it to 723MB, and opened right up.  The error message is misleading, as the "format" is not a problem.  It's either the length or filesize, and I would be extremely surprised if this had anything to do a resource bottleneck on my workstation.  Please can you try do define this limitation and popup feedback better?

Anthony Muey

I inserted a .MOV video file that was 3.1 gigabytes. I didn't get any error message, was able to save the file, preview it, and even publish it. However, when I closed the Storyline file and tried to reopen it, I got an error saying the file was corrupted. It took me several days of trial and error to figure out what the problem was. Once I figured it out, I compressed the .MOV down to 1.5 gigabytes and re-inserted it. No problems since. Articulate says they don't place a limit on video size, but clearly the size caused me to lose many days worth of work. During all this, I submitted a ticket, sent the file to Support, but they were unable to help.