Best import settings for Video ?

Feb 09, 2013

I have an upcoming gig that has the potential for 20 - 30 short videos throughout the course.

We’ll be delivering to Desktop and HTML5 with Scorm LMS tracking (so no Articulate Mobile Player).

iPad iOS 5+ needs to be supported through Safari.

Are there any best practices out there when it comes to:
1. Import file type - .flv .avi .mov .mp4 ?

2. Import video size?  My Story size is 720x540 (4:3). (The video will need to fill the stage a lot of the time.)

    - Should I import a smaller size  e.g. 640x480 and scale it up or make it the native Story size?

3. Any idea which Bitrate (i.e. 4.0 Mbit/s) I should ask for from the video production people?

For the publish settings, I'm thinking of bumping up the quality Video quality setting a bit. Should I go higher?.

Any advice/experiences will be greatly appreciated. 

- Mark

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