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Oct 07, 2015


I have a slide with a base layer and multiple other layers.

There is a voiceover and graphics animations on the base layer. When the user clicks a tab to get to one of the other layers on the slide, there are triggers to stop the narration and hide the graphics on the base layer. These triggers work fine. 

When focus is on one of the other layer though, if the user clicks on the seekbar at the bottom, the voiceover and graphic transitions on the base layer resume. So the seekbar seems to indicate base layer status; it doesn't follow the timeline of the other layers.

Is there a way to prevent the seekbar from resuming base layer activity, while focus is on another layer ?

Even better, is there a way for the seekbar visible while focus is on another layer to reflect the timeline of that other layer?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Geoff

I think if you allow seeking on the slide layer properties that may help. This is the info from the tutorial about seekbar on layers

Allow seeking: If the parent slide includes a seekbar, use this option to make the seekbar control the layer. Select Yes to make the seekbar active for the layer. Select No to ignore the seekbar. (It'll still be visible; it just won't affect the layer's playback.) Select Automatically decide to let Storyline decide whether or not the seekbar will be active for the layer. Here's the logic: Seeking will be allowed if you mark Hide objects on base layer, Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer, or Pause timeline of base layer.

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