Menu and variable problem

Oct 07, 2016

Hi -- Created a slide with a course menu. There are three menu items. I created a true/false variable for each item and set it to FALSE.

When user clicks each menu item, variable changes to TRUE.  Yay!

Set up two triggers on the Next button.

Trigger 1:  User fails to click on all the menu items and clicks Next.  Layer displays with message to please finish the menu items.  (They click a button and layer goes away.)  Trigger is set up so that message displays if any of the menu variables is still false.  That's working.

Trigger 2:  User completes all menu items.  Clicks Next button. Should take them to  next slide.  Trigger set up to take them to next slide if all variables are True, which they are if they have selected all menu items.

The second trigger doesn't work.  It shows the display layer with the warning, instead of taking them to the next slide.

Can I not put two triggers on a Next button?  Should I create a different type of variable?  Thanks


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Walt Hamilton

You said:  The second trigger doesn't work. It shows the display layer with the warning, instead of taking them to the next slide.

It sounds to me like a problem with the first trigger, rather than the second. I think the first is always working. 

First should show layer if variable1 is False, OR Variable2 is False, etc.

Second should jump if Variable1 is True AND Variable2 is True, etc.

Unless you have written the second trigger to show the layer, it is the first layer that is showing it because of a logic problem. Even if the layer is showing, the second trigger should jump if all the variables are True, so there may be a logic problem there, too.

If you can't find it, attach your .story file here, and maybe someone can help.

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