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Mar 03, 2016

I figured out how to NOT show the menu in a left-side column. I want to make it show the small blue "menu" at the top that only opens when someone selects it. Any guidance on how to do this? 


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lauren -- Thanks for reaching out! My apologies if I am not clear on what you're describing, but I thought you may want to check out the following posts that may be of assistance:

Drop down menu

Drop down menu in Storyline 2

And as stated in this great article, Here's a Quick Way to Build a Drop Down List in Storyline...

"Drop-down menus are a great way to hide information or links that don't always need to be displayed. Community members frequently wonder how to insert a drop-down menu into an Articulate Storyline project. Currently, there is no pre-built drop-down menu available in Storyline... but that didn't prevent our ingenious community members from coming up with a way to build one using layers and triggers–and I’m delighted to share their secret with you." 

Please see the article for additional details, and let us know if you still need more help! :)

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